MLM SS 34: ASK DALE: Listener Questions for Dale

January 3, 2017

To start out 2017, Dale catches up on questions that listeners asked in 2016.


MLM SS 33: The Only Way to Break Through and Have Breakout Success

December 27, 2016

As 2016 rolls to a close, Dale talks about a simple but extremely impactful approach to having breakthroughs in life.  The links spoken about in this podcast is and


MLM SS 32: ASK DALE: Concerns With the “Invest, Learn, Teach” Concept

December 20, 2016

A Network Marketer asks Dale about a concept called "Invest, Learn, Teach".  Dale talks about his concerns with other concepts and what to focus on when growing in this business.


MLM SS 31: All You Will Ever Need To Know About Network Marketing Lead Generation

December 14, 2016

In this session, Dale speaks on mastering lead generation strategies.  He will walk you through and give you the nuts and bolts on what has worked well for him throughout the years.  He also talks about what doesn't work and what to stay away from.


MLM SS 30: Who Is This Person, And Why Should I Be Listening To Them?

November 22, 2016

In this session Dale will discuss mentorship. How do you find the right success mentors?  How do you find the right network marketing mentor?  Why and when should you expect people to work with you.  Why many good people repel the perfect prospects for their business and much more.  Dale also offers a free PDF called Pinnacle MLM Leadership that is available at and a few more valuable free resources.


MLM SS 29: A Message To Christian Network Marketers

November 8, 2016

Dale speaks about how important faith is in life. However, sometimes we can be so unbalanced in our faith, that we miss using wisdom in our business. While faith is essential for Dale, he also understands that there are fundamental tools that must be used in business that go hand-in-hand with our spiritual lives.


MLM SS 28: Real Growth Requires Commitment

November 1, 2016

Dale shares a powerful testimony from a MLM Success Podcast listener.  Dale speaks about how commitment is needed be successful in the Network Marketing Industry.


MLM SS 27: Passionate Customer to Thriving Business

August 2, 2016

You may have started your business because you were first a passionate customer of the product that you now sell.  But, how are you advertising?  Dale speaks about being wise with where you spend your advertising money and what avenues of advertising to stay away from.


MLM SS 26: ASK DALE: The First Book to Read When Getting Started in Network Marketing

June 14, 2016

What book should someone read or re-read when starting in Network Marketing?  Dales gives a few a suggestions on key books that must be read.


MLM SS 25: Cedric Penn - “The 15 Million Dollar Man

June 7, 2016

Build your Business by Will or Duplication
Author of
“From Broke, Busted and Disgusted To A Million Dollars A Year- The Cedric Penn Story”

Humble Beginnings Cedric the youngest of eight children was born to hard working parents in rural Pennsylvania, who instilled deep rooted core values in each of their children. Despite Cedric s parents insistence on higher education, the likelihood of Cedric becoming a third generation coal mine or steel mill worker was a strong possibility. However, the young Cedric fostered a dream, will and determination to live a different life than that which awaited him after completing his high school years. In the Midst of Change Ironically because of his unique athletic ability, Cedric s assumed fate began to change, with the Milwaukee Brewers offering him a contract, for which he declined, prior to graduating from high school, opting instead to receive full scholarships in both baseball and football to various universities around the country. Ultimately, Cedric chose Purdue University but later transferred to Western Kentucky where he played as an All-American, graduated and anticipated being a NFL draft pick. But, adversity called Cedric s name and he found himself in disarray, living in his car and in housing projects while relying on transitional assistance for food. Although his situation seemed dismal, Cedric refused to adopt a defeatist attitude and began to fight for the life that he wanted to live. The Journey to Success From Broke, Busted and Disgusted To A Million Dollars A Year- The Cedric Penn Story candidly takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of starting a business and selling it to a major wireless company, to the pitfalls of losing it all during the aftermath of 9/11, followed by a tragic accident, spiritual epiphany, and the triumphant spirit of a man who refuse to let circumstance dictate his outcome in business and in life. There will be people

on your team that you will want to share this remarkable story with. Make sure to get your copy of Cedrics book at: