MLM SS 61: 4-Letter Word

October 31, 2017

This month Dale celebrates 37 years in the network marketing industry.  He believes all career network marketers follow the same path.   97% of the people that enter the network marketing profession do not have the skill sets and mindsets to develop a large duplicating team of people.  Those that do enter the profession with an “extra dose of something” credibility, business experience, sales, team building experience, etc., ultimately have challenges down the road duplicating. 

Dale believes that many people in today’s network marketing world are focused more on finding shortcuts and marketing hacks than they are developing the proper skill sets and mindsets that guarantee team building success.

However there is a 4-letter word that all network marketing leaders at some point in their career must work through at different points in their career.  “Dale will discuss this 4-letter word in this episode”

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MLM SS 60: Michael Penland - Action-Takers Are Money-Makers

September 26, 2017

Michael talks about his childhood and dealing with self-esteem.  He talks about how one life event changed his life forever and how it can change yours, too.


MLM SS 59: Living Debt-Free - Nathan Dickerson

September 21, 2017

Living Debt Free - TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM - Nathan Dickerson

This session features fellow Kentucky native Nathan Dickerson. Nathan will share with you how the DECISION to become debt free drastically changed his life and how all of our listeners can follow the same path to stress free, debt-free living.

Dale has always taught network marketing is a business model that gives average people, with above average desire the opportunity to create generational wealth. Becoming Debt Free is an import part of the six steps he teaches.


1) When you are making $1000 more a month with your business part-time than you are with your full-time profession go full-time.

2) As your income grows work towards paying off all debt except your home.

3) After all debt is gone except your home go through a short TOYS stage. Pay cash for the dream car, or go on the family vacation to Hawaii.

4) Pay off your Home and become 100% Debt Free

5) Invest in income generating assets.

6) You have made it when you have enough cash flow coming in from your investments to live a comfortable lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy this session with Mr. Dickerson. To order his book “Living Debt Free” visit and use discount code W9Q6EXQV and listeners of the MLM Success Podcast will receive a 40% discount.


MLM SS 58: The Two Most Important Concepts Dale Has Read This Year

August 22, 2017

In this session Dale talks about the importance of relearning and reeducating yourself from the lies that you may have bought into in the beginning of your career.


MLM SS 57: Run When You Can Run

July 25, 2017

In this episode Dale will discuss getting into a rhythm, a flow in your business and all the aspects associate with this. Why “The Start” STOPS most people, and how to get back in rhythm when life happens, and much more.
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MLM SS 56: Get on Track - Stay on Track - It Is IMPORTANT TO DO IT NOW!

July 11, 2017

In this weeks webinar Dale will talk about the world business climate, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and how and why network marketers MUST take their business to the next level, and must DO IT NOW! This is an interesting get real with the truths that create personal and business success session. Prepare for an intense mind tweak!
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MLM SS 55: Chris Smith

July 4, 2017

This week, Dale speaks with Chris Smith. Today, you will hear his story in Network Marketing, how it changed his life, and how he loves helping others.



June 27, 2017

In this episode Dale covers a topic that virtually every network marketing distributor will have to confront at some point along their path. Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection and Self-Limiting Beliefs. It is Dale’s hope that this episode will be a valuable resource that you can refer team members to over your career.

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MLM SS 53: How to Create Leads, Customers & Team Members AUTOMATICALLY

June 20, 2017 - In this special session Dale shares with you why every year more exposures are required to create customers and team members in your business and how the intelligent use of technology helps you achieve the number of exposures needed to reach your goals.


MLM SS 52: Before You Throw in the Towel, Experience the “Leadership Development” Paradigm Shift - Trudy Hart Petersen

June 14, 2017

Everyday the network marketing business model loses great people that feel they simply can't do it anymore.  They throw in the towel never realizing that there sincerely is a different level of leadership and productivity they are capable of.  It is possible to systematically help their team achieve more, reignite and move forward and achieve rank promotions..  However the Leadership Development Paradigm Shift is required.  Trudy had her's and we hope you will share this episode with and upline, downline, or sideline members that are ready to experience their own.

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